Rock and Music

Since ‘teenagers’ were invented music has been used as a tool for rebellion and rock music is particularly effective for this - as many parents have found out over the years.

Teenagers tend to want to annoy their parents by liking what they are told they ‘shouldn’t. Rock music is often deemed as controversial, explicit or aggressive. The way parents feel about rock music is similar to how they feel about rap music - that it will corrupt the minds of their innocent little darlings!

However it’s not just the ability to rebel with rock music that makes the genre so popular - indeed this is only one tiny element and only applies to youngsters. For most fan rock music is about expression and freedom.

Rocking Out

The ability to let loose to a big, thumping song and for three minutes forget your cares is what many fans find appealing about rock music. It’s loud, raw and raucous and is about forgetting inhibitions and worries and rocking out to the music.

Go to any popular rock event or concert and you’ll see hoards of fans in the ‘mosh pit’ jumping up and down, completely oblivious to everyone else around them. For them, this is what rock music is all about.

But where did it come from? And where has it evolved to?

The Origins of Rock Music
Rock music has evolved quite a bit since it’s origins as we continually come up with new ways and words to redefine music. Back in the 1950s and 1960s rock music represented a whole host of different types of music from mainstream to underground.

The sounds centres on the electric guitar and drums. Of course, with these instruments used in many types of music that meant the genre of ‘rock’ was almost all-encompassing. However, as more genres were created the term rock took on a more specific meaning.

Nowadays rock is associated with heavy, guitar based sounds and thumping drums with an edgier sound.

There are also several subgenres of rock from pop rock to punk rock and heavy metal to glam rock. These all differ considerably but have their roots firmly based in rock.

The 1970s was all about glam rock and punk rock while the 1980s saw soft rock’s time in the spotlight come with many soft rock bands releasing power ballads.

Despite what parents may think about rock music it is hugely popular and has seen an even greater surge in popularity in recent years as pop rock makes a big impact on the charts.

Rock music has been around for year and years and if record sales are anything to go by the genre shows no signs of going anywhere just yet.