As teenagers we all have been through the stage where rock was our favorite form of music. Some of us grow out of it while many of us are still loyal fans of rock music. But not many know that even this type of music has many genres in it. The origin of rock music was in United States and United Kingdom somewhere in the early 50s. The creation of the various genres in this music started with the mixing of the various elements of music with it. For example mixing of jazz into rock gave birth to jazz rock music, mixing of folk music into rock resulted in folk rock. But now after all these evolutions the popular forms of rock these days are heavy metal rock, blues rock, punk rock, soft rock and many others. The most newly formed rock versions are Indie rock and alternative rock.

If one is talking about rock music then The Beatles have to be mentioned. A 1960 band took the rock music to an all together new level. Who wouldn't remember grooving to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley? He brought in the rock and roll generation. Another band that you can't miss out is Pink Floyd which was very popular in the 1970s. Camel, King Crimson, Magma are some of the bands that are into progressive rock.

The rock music basically uses instruments like drums, guitars and bass. Power vocals are the main characteristic of this kind of music. Programs like American Bandstand made the people see their favorite bands on television. There are many who dislike this kind of music too because of their loud and fast music and lyrics.

Most of the popularity gained by these bands and music artists is through touring and performing at music concerts. All the well known bands travel through out the world every year and perform at different locations. Such concerts are great crowd pullers. These concerts are organized basically to increase their popularity and fan following. It is a great platform to launch their new albums. Also some bands do such concerts for charity. Many fans face a lot of problems for getting the concert tickets in their hands. Even though the tickets are sold months before the concert, the concert goers have to face the crowds, heat and long queues. Even after doing all this some fans return empty handed if the tickets are sold out. For more information, visit School Equipment.

These days a new solution has been thought of for this problem. It is online ticket bookings. There are various sites on the internet offering you the feature of online booking. They firstly show you how many tickets are available. Hence you know the chances of getting those tickets just by sitting at Home. Online ticket comparison sites are the web sites that give you a whole list of upcoming concerts. They also provide you with all the rates offered by different sites. This helps to save your time in navigating many sites and you get the best deal with the minimum effort..

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