Trying to make it big in the music industry is renowned for being one of the most competitive career routes that you could possibly take. However, it is common knowledge that once you do reach such success, you are set up for life! The amount of musical talent in the world is vast, but only a small handful of talents really make it through into stardom.

The music scene is rapidly changing the way artists get seen and heard, with the media playing a huge part in the marketing and sales of independent music. A few years ago bands would have salivated at the thought of playing for large audiences, but now getting heard isn’t such a mammoth task. Audiences have literally been brought to bands and musicians with platforms such as YouTube and MySpace.

Although performing at gigs in your local pub is nice, getting a pay packet at the end of the night would be nicer. So how do these ‘garage bands’ begin to take music more seriously? The answer is practice and direction.

Environment and space is vital for upcoming bands as it gives them a sense of significance and freedom, helping to get the creative juices flowing. This transition period can be tricky to cope with for bands whose typical practice location is a bedroom, but being in professional music rehearsal studios can be exciting and motivating.

Although you will be paying to use the services of music rehearsal studios, thing are still in your favour. The simple fact that you are paying for this rehearsal time will encourage both you and your band to really utilise this period. It will spur you on to be proactive and plan your rehearsals ahead of time, increasing the success of your next meeting.


For those who feel certain that their future lies in the music industry, it’s never been easier or cheaper to record the demos they need to send out to agents, managers and record companies in the hopes that they’ll reach the ears of someone well-connected who wants to help them achieve success.

While it is possible to record songs using computer equipment and software in your bedroom, the rental rates of professional studios mean that, as long as you are organised and well-drilled (and it helps if you don’t need that eighteen-piece orchestra for the middle eight as well), you can probably have a three or four-song demo recorded in a couple of hours, though mixing and editing might take a bit longer. Depending on the schedule, you may have to wait a while to get into your nearest studio, especially if you need to block book a couple of weeks or a month while you get your debut album ready.

When you book some time at any music recording studios, of which there are many around the UK, there are certain things that you’ll be provided with as a matter of courtesy. For instance, you can’t be expected to know how the recording equipment actually works, so each studio will employ a sound engineer to set everything up for you and manage the control room while you play so you get the best sound possible. In addition, things like tea and coffee should be offered whenever you need to take a break – it can be thirsty work creating the next OK Computer! On that note, it can be thirsty work creating the next “Chico Song”, but hopefully you’ll aim a bit higher than that…


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There are many online sites that sell tickets for the theatre but choosing just one can be difficult, especially when you don’t know how much they are on other sites. This is where comparison sites come in handy. They allow users to compare different sites and tickets against each other until the best price is found.

Most tickets go on sale when the name and location of the event is released but this is not the case with all sites. Some wait until the last minute to advertise remaining tickets they have been given to sell and charge top price for them as they are the only few left!

Theatre tickets are usually sold on most major ticket sites and are also on many comparison sites. Although a theatre ticket is arguably less popular than a concert ticket, the amount of theatre tickets produced and sold is probably more than those of concerts. Theatres will also renew their stocks and distribution throughout the months that the performance takes place.

If you are after a specific show and ticket then your best bet would be to go online and see if the dates have been released. If they have then you know there are tickets being sold, but if not then you know you have to wait that little bit longer.

If a ticket says it is out of stock on one website, the chances are that it is sold out every where else too! But not to worry, there are a small number of tickets available to buy on the door on the day of the show. But be sure to get there early, because when they are gone, they are gone.


At any event, whether it’s a party, a concert, a theatre or dance performance, a casual gathering, or any other kind, setting the atmosphere is important. It can mean the difference between an enchanting show or an ecstatic party and an event which is downright dull. One of the ingredients of an effective atmosphere is lighting.

Lighting not only makes things “look nicer”, but it has the power to affect people’s emotions. A soft blue light shining on the walls of a venue can create a calming environment where one can relax, an intimate pink can make even the blandest of rooms cosy and romantic, and a simple strobe light can create rhythm and hype people up at a party or a nightclub.

Because lighting can affect people so easily, it’s important that you not only have the best quality lighting you can to ensure that it has a positive impact, but also to make sure you’re using the correct sort of lighting to give the desired effect. This is why it can be extremely helpful to hire professional event lighting. This will ensure that you receive guidance to help you achieve the best effect you can. This is most important if the lighting is for a stage show. When appearance is everything, professional stage lighting hire could be the thing that makes your performance a stunner rather than a snoozer.

Event lighting is available in many different forms, so if you’re looking for something unique, you won’t have to look far. Whether you want to highlight parts of your room or stage with floor-standing lights, focus on a performer on stage or a first dance at a wedding with a spotlight, decorate a party venue with a light curtain, or almost anything else you can think of, using professional event and stage lighting hire services can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event.


With the introduction of the internet ticket websites have grown incredible popular. Gone are the days of standing in endless queues to get your hands on a pair of tickets, or spending hours behind the phone running up your bill. Today, you can simple visit one of these websites and get your hands on as many tickets as you want from the comfort of your own home and then have them delivered to your doorstep, pick them up at the ticket office, at your local ticket shop or just simply print them off yourself.

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Growing popularity of theatre tickets

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You might feel that this is an odd concept, but the popularity of filmed theatre performances is growing by leaps and bounds. It has been noticed that when these performances were trialed at the renowned Camden Fringe Festival, most of them have received an average of 500-600 viewers per show. These shows comprise of plays, dances and comedy. Almost 5-7 per cent of people who but theatre tickets for such shows said they are willing to pay and enjoy such shows even in future. Also, most of them have purchased the tickets online from Big Ticket Shop.

Most of the theatre producers are seizing the opportunity to put recordings of the performances online. Some of them also add the rehearsal footage as well as ‘trailers’ for the new plays. As a result, the similarities between film and theatre become interchangeable, as there is a complete lack of ‘live’ setting. Moreover, this is a major reason why people prefer watching plays and not films. On the other hand the case studies tell a different story. It has been noticed that people are willing to see and enjoy something new as well as unusual online.

With theatre still being extremely popular amongst the audience, it comes as no surprise that events are scheduled to take place all round the year. Moreover with the convenient way of buying theatre tickets online, people can easily book their seats well in advance and not miss a single opportunity to watch the theatre performance live.


Andrea Bocelli has been attributed for his amazing talent of playing multiple instruments. A very delightful singer and music artist, Bocelli is noted internationally for his flairs and therefore has been recognized for the immense contribution to the field of music.

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In the meantime, those who wish to catch up with pop and soul, a great line-up of Olly Murs live shows are scheduled as well. The young Essex lad who entered into the mainstream with the reality TV show The X Factor, is current heartthrob of most young fans who like to explore reggae fusion and dance tunes. Olly Murs is a stunning performer online and just like his albums, he shines when he takes on the stage. Following the immense popularity and fan following, Olly Murs tickets are hot property.


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