Pop Rock

The music industry has always been keen to define music. From two or three genres we have evolved to having sub-genres and even sub sub-genres! Pop rock is one such genre. It combines the upbeat, simplicity of pop music with the more raw, edgy elements of rock but where does pop and rock music come from?

The term “Pop music” has been around since the early 1900s, describing simply any music that is popular. It didn’t matter what the genre, if the music was ‘en vogue’ then regardless of whether it was a barbershop quartet or a group of opera singers it was deemed ‘pop’.
However midway through the 20th century pop music took on a new meaning,

Music for a generation

After World War II when music became more mainstream the term ‘pop music’ began to describe a specific genre of music, in short any music that appealed to the youth market.

Pop music was seen as a less controversial alternative to rock and roll which, at the time, was considered highly contentious. Think of Elvis Presley shaking his hips and you may think it nothing more than innocent fun but when the King was around this was considered to explicit for some!

As the Beatles entered the music arena and Beatle-mania ensued pop took on a whole new life and was soon the biggest selling genre of music in the industry - pushing aside the likes of soul and easy listening.

Since then pop music has remained firmly in the public eye - and in the music charts, although it has evolved somewhat since then.

The sub-genres of Pop Rock

Many artists were keen to avoid being tagged with the label ‘pop’. Underground music has always been deemed cooler so many artists wanted their music to be tinged with something a little edgier.

Through this derived several sub-genres of pop. Pop r’nb, pop soul and even pop dance emerged but one of the most popular sub-genres is pop rock.

Teenage bands and soloists usually perform pop rock. It has a distinctive pop feel but usually includes instruments and features traditionally associated with rock music. Guitars playing riffs, drums and heavy bass lines help to make pop rock edgier than pop music.

Since the mid 1990’s pop rock has seen a surge in popularity. Indeed, it is classed as one of the most successful genres of rock music in the 21st century so far.

Many pop rock artists are American and their music appeals to teenagers for the most part. Parents are often more comfortable with their children listening to pop rock as opposed to others forms of rock music as it tends to be less explicit and less aggressive.

The genre does receive some criticism from artists in other rock genres who view it as a corruption of the true nature of rock music however this has done little to stop more and more music-lovers becoming fans of the music.

With more and more bands entering the pop-rock genre it looks like popularity of pop rock is set to continue to soar.

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