Popular rock bands and events

Music is big business. Live music events especially are where most bands and record labels make their money. Tours rake in more revenue than record sales and in recent years artists have worked to make sure their tours are bigger and better than anyone else.

The best slot a rock band can hope for on a tour is a headline slot at a festival. These events draw in some of the biggest and best rock bands in the world and rock bands get the chance to play to hundreds of thousands of music-lovers.

What are the major festivals?

Festivals have been huge music events ever since the 1960s and the advent of Woodstock. This ‘peace and love’ festival drew the attention of the world and is well known for being one of the most famous music events of all time.

In the UK Glastonbury is probably the most famous music event. The first event was held in 1970. From 1980 thought the festival became an annual event and it is now the biggest music festival in the UK, attracting some of the biggest rock bands around.

The reading and Leeds festivals are held on the bank holiday weekend in August each year. They take place simultaneously in both Leeds and Reading. Most of the bands that play will play both locations on different days.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight festival is also a big music event in the UK and is held in June. The event was first held in 1968. It ran for the following two years but then went on hiatus and did not return until 2002.

Rock bands through the decades

While there are notable music events there are also notable rock bands through the decades that some say define music.

The 1950s rock music scene was dominated by Elvis Presley who amassed a huge following with his risqué dance moves.

The 1960s saw the arrival of The Beatles who, many claim, were the defining rock band. The band ushered in a new style of music and influenced the musicians of many generations to come.

Glam rock bands and artists such as David Bowie dominated the 1970s. Make-up, sequins and rock music unlike anything anyone had heard before was the order of the day.

In the 1980s rock bands made way for new romantics with the like of Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran making waves on the music scene.

In the 1990s rock bands had to take a back seat to pop music as the likes of Britney Spears and various boy bands took the spotlight. However grunge bands like Nirvana still found time to make an impact.

The 2000s saw an indie explosion as indie rock bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon hit the charts.